Good Night Quotes for Him – 100 Night+ Messages to Copy

Good Night Quotes for Him

Good Night Quotes For Him: Friends, permit me to say that there are various ways to make your husband or fiance feel good, and one of these ways is by sending a text message to him. Texting in a Relationship is very important, it makes your man feel loved.

When you send a Good Night Quotes for Him, you are directly telling him that he occupies a special space in your heart. Follow me closely as I give you some Good Night Quotes for Him and texts that will make him blush late into the night and have that sweet dream you wish them.

Copy one from the list of Good Night Quotes for Him and send it to your love.

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Get 50 Bedtime Good Night Quotes for Him to feel special

Good Night Quotes for Him

In a relationship, everyone expects cute little things from their partner; that could be buying of gift, hanging out to shop or rather sending heart-warming messages. But the best gift a man always expects before his bedtime is a sweet Good Night Quote to make him sleep well.

Sending love messages to your partner always gives the best feeling of love. spicing a beautiful good night love quote for him makes the relationship strong and makes him know that you have him in your mind.

How do you start it? read and copy. see how perfect his love will increase in you.

good night quote for him

1. “I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.”Harry

2. “Hey prince charming! I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep, cuz I’d miss you babe and I don’t wanna miss a thing.”Aerosmith

3. “I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you”. Kiersten White

4. “For thousands of nights, I dreamed of making love to you. No man on Earth has ever hated sunrise as I do”. sweet dream love! Again the Magic

5. “I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving ‘good night. I miss you, my hero! Gistlite

6. “I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams. Though I can feel you whisper in my ear as I drift off and I hope you can feel my love as you sleep tonight! Luke Bryan

7. “No matter how many times I try to fall asleep, the absence of your scent, warmth, and aura is evident because the room feels empty without you. So let this night go by fast, so I can see you again.” Good night. Gistlite

8. “Sleep, my love, dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will forever be yours”. –Stephanie Meyer

9. “Distance unites missing beats of two hearts in love.” Good night my sunshine! Munia Khan

10. “If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to tell you I love you”. DeAnna Anderson

11. “The pain of missing you is a beautiful reminder of the joy of loving you”. Heart you love! Dean Jackson

12.” I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” The Fault in Our Stars.Kisses!

13. “Night has come. It is time for you to sleep, my love, so we can be happy tomorrow as we usually are.” Ambika

14. My mind thinks of you the second I fall asleep and as soon as I wake up each morning. Good night! Gistlite

15. If the stars really could be wished upon, I would spend every wish on you. But tonight, I wish for you restful sleep, undisturbed by all the worries of this world. And for me, my only wish is to dream of you. Goodnight, my love. Gistlite

16. “You have no idea how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about you, then know now that I can’t live without you.” Gistlite

17. “I love you not only for what you’ve made of yourself but for what you’re making of me.” I love you for the part of me that you bring out! Elizabeth Barrett Browning

18. “Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.” Unknown

19. “I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of the world alone.” J.R.R. Tolkien

20. “I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let go.” Unknown

21. “To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.” Valerie Lombardo

22. “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect, and I loved you even more. Good night my word!

23. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” Audrey Hepburn

24. “I’ve tried so many times to think of a new way to say it, and it’s still ‘I love you.’” Zelda Fitzgerald

25. “I’d rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime of knowing I never could.” Unknown

26. “My heart is and always will be yours.” Jane Austen

27. “I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky.” Unknown

28. “I hope you know that every time I tell you to get home safe, stay warm, have a good day or sleep well what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it’s starting to steal other words’ meanings.” Unknown

29. “ I want you to be in your arms, then you hold me in your arm, all I got is a dream.” Unknown

30. “Your words are my food, your breath is my wine. You are everything to me.” Sarah Bernhardt

31. There might be a new moon in the sky, but our love shines brighter than any moon, sun, or stars that are above. Good night, sweetheart.

32. “Believing that you are mine forever is what makes me get up in the morning.” Unknown

33. “Every night, I think of you before bed with the hopes of having you in my dreams.” Unknown

34. “For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person. And we are finally home.” Stephanie Perkins

35. “I don’t care how hard being together is. Nothing is worse than being apart.” Josephine Angelini

36. “You have found true love when you realize that you want to wake up beside your love every morning even when you have your differences.” Unknown

37. “I never loved you any more than I do right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do right this second.” Kami Garcia

38. “You have me. Until every last star in the galaxy dies, you have me.” Amie Kaufman

39. “While you dream, I wish that each hope and goal comes true. I just want you to receive everything you’ve wished for.” UnknownEnter

40. “You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always love you.” J.M. Barrie

41. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss

42. “When I say good night to you, I am wishing you a pleasant and restful sleep. Not a night where you have to count sheep, but one that you will wake rested and fine.” Catherine Pulsifer

43. “I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say. A silent prayer, like dreamers, do, then I fall asleep to dream of you.” – Roy Orbison

44. “Tonight, I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you. Missing you, my love.” – Unknown

45. “I never want to stop making memories with you.” Pierre Jeanty

46. “Goodnight. Let the stars light the way to where your dreams can be found awaiting your arrival.” Anthony T. Hincks

47. Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day tomorrow brings, sleep well.” Catherine Pulsifer

48. “All I do each day is wait to be with you again. My entire day revolves around the hope that I can spend my evenings in your arms again.” Unknown

49. “By night, beloved, tie your heart to mine and let them both in dreams defeat the darkness.” Pablo Neruda

50. I’m standing here with the evening breezes blowing my hair all around. I am imagining your kisses warming me up for a peaceful night.

Good Night Messages to make him feel Loved.

Good Night Quotes for Him

Keeping the romance in your relationship requires significant dramatic moments as well as subtle touches.

Private dinner dates and surprise presents are part of the rituals. Still, little gestures show your commitment to tending to the relationship.

Here are the 30 heart-warming Good Night messages to make him feel loved.

1. “Good night, my love. Sleep tight.

2. “I just want to say good night, my prince charming”

3. “Let the good memories of today lull you to sleep, Good night my love”

4. “May you dream of lovely things and wake to find the real, Good night dear

5. “Hi dear, I forgot to tell you something. I just wanted you to know I miss you, Good night dear

6. “Good night dear, I wish you good luck in your dreams, love you

7. “Your guardian angel will guard you while you dream and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you cool, good night Honey, I love you.”

8. “I just want to let you know that you are always on my mind, Good Night dear”

9. “Sleep, my love, dream sweet dreams, you are the only one who has ever crossed my heart, and it will always be yours. Good night dear.”

10. “Sweetheart, as you go to sleep, I wish everything you wish yourself. Good night dear.”

11. “I just want to let you know that you’re always on my mind because I love you so much. Good night dear.”

12. “Close your eyes, sleep right, sleep tight, sleep like a baby, dream sweet dreams and no nightmare. Good night dear. Much Love.”

13. “I wish you could look into my eyes right now and tell me you love me, but as you are not here. I hope your heart beats in response to mine. Good night dear.”

14. “I can’t wait for that day when we will be together and I’ll play pranks on you at bedtime. Good night love”

15. “The thought of you makes me smile, the memories we share. Can’t wait to be in your arms. Love you, dear. Good night dear”

16. “You made me betray my heart, I already promised my heart never to love again, but when you came, the story changed. Even my heart beats whenever I think of you, Good night Love.”

17. “I already loved you even before we met, meeting you made me love you more, I will love you forever. Good night honey”

18. “I can’t wait for that day when it will be just you and I, cuddled in each other’s arms under a duvet. Anticipating that moment, I love you dear. Good night my love”

19. “You are about to sleep now, you are only allowed to dream of me, sweet dreams dear as we meet in the dreamland”

20. “Good night to the best man in the world, I love you dear, sweet dreams”

21. “I just finished checking your pictures on my phone. Sweetheart, I can bet it with anyone that I’m with the most handsome man in the world.” Good night darling.

22. “Good night to the man after my heart. I couldn’t find my sleep without telling you how much I love you. Sweet dreams”.

23. “I’ve seen you do many things, but I’ve not seen you sleep. I’m looking forward to that day when I will watch you sleep and take pictures of you as you sleep. I love you, dear. Good night my love.”

24. “I wish I were close to you so I can put my head on your chest. Good night dear.”

25. “You worth more than a million treasures, if there’s another world, I will pick you a million times. I love dear, Good night”

26. “To that one man who has captured my heart, I just to tell you I will do anything to make you happy. Sleep tight dear”

27. “Falling in love with you was the best decision I’ve ever made. Good night honey, sweet dreams”

28. “Good night to the most important personality in my life. I love you, dear.”

29. “if I were asked to write an essay about the day I will never forget, it would be the day I met you, and if I were asked the moment I won’t forget, It would be that moment you told me you love me, looking forward to the day you will say “I do”. I love honey. Good night dear.

30. “I look forward to that night when we will be together, with me in your arms, then I won’t have to text you good night anymore, I will whisper it into your ear. Good night, my love!


What you’ve been seeing from the beginning of this article till this very part is a list of Good Night Quotes and Messages you can send to him (male friend, fiancee, husband) to make them feel special and have a good night’s rest.

Having gone through this article, you will agree with me that most of the messages needed to make your man happy have been written up there.

So you should go through this article if you have been looking for lovely Good Night Messages for your man and you would experience a positive turnaround in your relationship.

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